Samples Evaluation (via Livestream)

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Why waste time? Let us compare your samples from multiple suppliers for you! Join us in the evaluation via video conference! Often paired with Samples Consolidation Service.



When you are exploring a new product to launch, you typically want to evaluate samples from more than one potential supplier.  This process can be drawn out as the suppliers operate on their individual schedules. Our Kai Masters are here to streamline this process for you. SellerKai will collect all samples from multiple suppliers and help you to evaluate each. We will do a videoconference call with you to review the products and provide a recording of that video along with a detailed report on which sample is the best pick. If you still want the product shipped to you afterwards, we can do that via our “Samples Consolidation” service below.

100USD for up to 5 unique samples at a time for a 1 hour via Skype or WeChat session (Additional unique samples can be added for $10 each)


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