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Service Description Price
Supplier Finder A list of 3 suppliers that you can trust for your product. Full audit based on location, history, revenue, size, QMS, etc. 100USD for a list of 3 audited suppliers
Supplier Background
Check (Audit)
We will apply our rigorous audit on your chosen supplier and their factory 80USD per supplier audit
Samples Evaluation

(with livestream)

We collect samples from multiple suppliers in our China office and help you to thoroughly evaluate each via livestream to save time sourcing

*Often paired with our Samples Consolidation Service

100USD for up to 5 unique samples at a time for a 1 hour Skype session

(Additional unique samples can be added for $10 each)

Samples Consolidation Save money on shipping your samples individually by having us consolidate them into one shipment 15USD per supplier for 1 sample. 20USD per supplier if multiple samples

plus the cost of shipping

(dependent on the item, weight, size, etc.)

Inspection We have one of the most rigorous Inspection processes! We are the ONLY service that also gives you a livestream option to see the factory and product first hand from the comfort of your home on the other side of the world! We do production inspections to verify product quality and factory inspections to evaluate the capabilities of a potential supplier. $175 flat rate

expedited report option for $20 (24 hr turnaround)

will include 1hr livestream (subject to availabilty), detailed document report, & recorded videos

FBA Prep SellerKai is an expert at prepping packages to meet the strict requirements of Amazon FBA. Our Kai Masters will do this step for you while still in China so that you can ensure everything is perfect before it starts on its way to Amazon. For labeling, $0.20/item

For bundling, $0.25/item

EXPRESS Product Photography Send a sample of your product to our local China photographer (or have us pick up one during inspection) and ensure that your high-resolution photos with white background are created in time for your launch!  We can also create an unboxing & display video for your marketing. $150 – 10 high res white background pictures from different angles

NOTE: No lifestyle or informational photos included

Freight Forwarding We boast the BEST prices in freight forwarding and are the only ones offering a “Super Saver option for Air Freight”. As long as your cargo is over 100kgs, we can drastically reduce the cost and still have your product arrive within the normal ETA. (average $4 per/kg)

Shipping times (door to door)

1) Super Air Express – 3 days

2) Normal Air Express – 5 days

3) Air Freight – 15 to 20 days

4) Super Saver Air Freight – 15 to 20 days (only for cargo over 100kgs)

5) Sea Freight – 30 to 40 days

-No Customs Bond needed (cheaper to use ours)

-Cargo Insurance as low as $100

-Tracking info available once cargo reaches US

-BETA program for receiving tracking info starting from when cargo leaves China